Voting Records

Please find below our archive of Voting Records.

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All the reports are distributed as PDF (Portable Document Format) files which are a convenient way to distribute and read documents.

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To read these you require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat. Please click on the icon above if you require the latest version.

AGM Voting

file_icon Proxy Voting Results 2014.pdf
file_icon Proxy Voting Results 2013.pdf
file_icon Proxy Voting Results 2012.pdf
file_icon Proxy Voting Results 2011.pdf
file_icon AGM_Voting_Results.pdf
file_icon AGM voting record 2010.pdf
file_icon 2008 AGM Voting Results.pdf


EGM Voting

file_icon Proxy Voting EGM Result 21 December 2012.pdf
file_icon Proxy Voting EGM Result 15 March 2012.pdf
file_icon Proxy Voting EGM Result 13 Dec 2010.pdf
file_icon EGM Voting Record.pdf
file_icon EGM Circular 19Nov10.pdf
file_icon EGM-circular_4-03-10.pdf


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