Quarterly Report Q4 2023

In September, the yield on the 10-year US Treasury bond reached 4.8%, its highest level since 2007. This coincided with, or rather precipitated, weakness across asset classes.

12 mins

Quarterly Report Q3 2023

We are slowly emerging from a prolonged period of distortion born of zero interest rates. The process of unwinding the excess will take time and require patience on the part of investors.

11 mins

Quarterly Report Q2 2023

The past few weeks are confirmation, if any was needed, that there are consequences of rapidly raising interest rates from a base of zero. But even as the evidence appears stacked to the downside, the jury remains out when it comes to many asset prices.

11 mins

Quarterly Report – Q1 2023

A down year

10 mins

Extracts from Personal Assets Trust quarterly Reports 1994-2021

We would like to share with you Robin Angus’ Anthology of the Quarterlies drawing on material which he had written over a period of nearly 40 years.

40 mins

Quarterly Report – Q4 2022

T.I.N.A. R.I.P

10 mins

Quarterly Report – Q3 2022

Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide

10 mins

Quarterly Report – Q2 2022

The Greater Russian agenda

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Quarterly Report – Q1 2022

The Rear View Mirror “When people begin anticipating inflation, it doesn’t do you any good anymore, because any benefit of inflation comes from the fact that you do better than you thought you were going to do.” Paul A. Volcker, Former Chair of US Federal Reserve.

10 mins